How Constant Contact Is Helping Homeless Shelters Reach More People Than Ever Before

Adella Pasos
2 min readMay 9, 2023

Homeless shelters play a crucial role in our communities, providing shelter, food, and support to those in need. However, reaching out to donors, volunteers, and the community can be a challenge for these organizations, especially in today’s fast-paced digital world.

That’s where Constant Contact comes in. Constant Contact is a powerful email marketing platform that helps homeless shelters improve their outreach efforts and reach more people than ever before. Here’s how:

Stay Connected with Donors

Donors are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, and homeless shelters are no exception. Constant Contact makes it easy to stay connected with your donors by allowing you to create and send professional-looking emails that keep them up-to-date on your latest initiatives, events, and fundraising campaigns.

Reach More Volunteers

Volunteers are essential to the success of any homeless shelter outreach program. With Constant Contact, you can easily reach out to volunteers and keep them engaged with your organization by sending them regular updates, volunteer opportunities, and other important information.

Connect with the Community

Homeless shelters also need to stay connected with the wider community to raise awareness of their cause and attract new donors and volunteers. Constant Contact makes it easy to create and send emails that educate the community about your organization’s mission, impact, and ongoing needs.

Save Time and Money

Constant Contact’s powerful email marketing tools save homeless shelters time and money by automating many of the tasks associated with outreach efforts. From creating email templates to scheduling messages, Constant Contact streamlines the process of reaching out to donors, volunteers, and the community.

By using Constant Contact, homeless shelters can improve their outreach efforts and reach more people in need than ever before. With its powerful features, ease of use, and affordable pricing, Constant Contact is the perfect choice for nonprofit organizations looking to make a bigger impact.

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