What is the best course creator?

Adella Pasos
3 min readMay 8, 2022

Payhip just announced their platform for Course Creators. It’s is an excellent tool for anyone looking to create and sell courses online. It is easy to use and has a lot of features that make it a great choice for content creators, teachers and online instructors.

The best course creator isn’t determined by its features. Instead, it has to fulfill three essential criteria. First, it has to make it easy for you to create awesome courses. Second, it has to make great courses look awesome. Finally, it has to make it easy for you to sell and market your courses.

After testing dozens of course creators, I’ve found that the one course creator that fulfills all of these criteria is Payhip. I think you’ll love what they have to offer…and so will your students.

Quickly accept course payments

Payhip is a platform that helps creators sell their courses online. The platform has grown quickly, from 50 million users to 300 million, in the last three years. Payhip allows creators to set up their courses for sell, gives users a dashboard to track their progress, and allows users to accept payments and receive payouts. If you already have courses that are live on Udemy, Skillshare or Thinkific, you can simply upload the videos, worksheets and quizzes in to the Payhip platform.

Payhip helps course creators quickly accept payments and you get instant payouts via paypal. You are free to set your prices and discounts. A branded Payhip account lets students pay with their credit card or PayPal with Payhip’s 1.9% transaction cost. Payhip is known for it’s fast checkout process.Users enter their payment information, and the checkout process is complete in less than 90 seconds.

Build a beautiful course pages

The Payhip platform allows you to create beautiful course pages that you can customize the look, feel and appearance of your pages. You can easily drop and drag into the editor or custom HTML design the page to match your branding.

“The Payhip APIs make building beautiful, elegant, and mobile-friendly course pages easy. They’re a key piece of what makes Payhip the unicorn it is.” — Jesse, Course Creator

Payhip has been making the lives of course creators easier. As the largest online destination for selling digital products and making money online, Payhip offers content creators and course creators effortless ways to get paid, while giving students seamless access to premium courses.

Payhip for Course Creators is an easy-to-use online platform that combines website design, content creation, and e-commerce in one convenient package. It’s a bit like a one-stop shop, as it aggregates all the tools you need to make money from online courses.

There are several reasons you should consider Payhip for your course creation needs. Firstly, Payhip has no setup fees, and you can start selling your courses immediately after signup. Secondly, Payhip takes a very small commission on each sale, so you keep most of the revenue from your courses. Finally, Payhip provides a number of marketing and promotional tools to help you sell your courses effectively.

Reasons I use Payhip to sell my courses

Pays me immediately when I make a sale

Has excellent customer support & software

Has a referral program

Has coupon code features

Has really good SEO rankings

In conclusion, Payhip’s allows you to successfull sell courses online and accept payments from students all over the world 24/7. Additionally, Payhip’s course pages are excellent. They allow you to easily sell your course. The page builder does a fantastic job of formatting text and images.

I recommend you try Payhip’s for Course Creators. With that being said, it is a great way to create and sell your courses.

Do you want to sell courses? Try Payhip

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