What is the best course creator?

Quickly accept course payments

Payhip is a platform that helps creators sell their courses online. The platform has grown quickly, from 50 million users to 300 million, in the last three years. Payhip allows creators to set up their courses for sell, gives users a dashboard to track their progress, and allows users to accept payments and receive payouts. If you already have courses that are live on Udemy, Skillshare or Thinkific, you can simply upload the videos, worksheets and quizzes in to the Payhip platform.

Build a beautiful course pages

The Payhip platform allows you to create beautiful course pages that you can customize the look, feel and appearance of your pages. You can easily drop and drag into the editor or custom HTML design the page to match your branding.

Reasons I use Payhip to sell my courses

Pays me immediately when I make a sale

Do you want to sell courses? Try Payhip

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Adella Pasos

Adella Pasos

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